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The Friends of Hugh Miller

On the trail of a nation's favourite fossil

Added on 04 September 2015


Devonian FishIn a recent poll poll, organised by the Scottish Geodiversity Forum, the public voted for their top five favourite fossils originating in Scotland.  In a group that ranged from giant sea scorpions to trilobites, from ammonites to fossilized dinosaur footprints - the winner was Devonian fish, a great favourite of Hugh Miller.  He meticulously pieced together hundreds of fragments of Devonian fish specimens, genuinely fascinated by interpreting how they looked and how they lived. His discoveries still provide science with new insights into these creatures today.

Photos of the fossils Copyright N H Trewin


Lara RiedDevonian Fish


Lara Reid, Scottish Geodiversity Forum’s resident science writer, has written an engaging article on the poll and why one of Hugh's favourite fossils has become a nation's favourite fossil. Read her article to see if you are in agreement!