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The Friends of Hugh Miller

Hugh's News

The Friends of Hugh Miller publish a regular newsletter, Hugh's News, to keep you up to date with activities and developments connected with Hugh Miller. The current editor of Hugh's News is Lara Reid, who took over the position after Martin Gostwick's death in July 2021. We welcome contributions of news articles, research pieces, images, and creative writing for Hugh's News! You can contact the editor directly: or use the 'Contact Us' form on this website. 


You can download copies of the newsletters through the links below.

Printed copies of Hugh's News, charity newsletter, with fossil ammonites surrounding it Hugh's News, the newsletter produced regularly by The Friends of Hugh Miller
File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
HN56 Apr 2024.pdf15 April 2024918kB
HN55_ORSspecialedition_Nov2023.pdf06 November 2023544kB
HN54 Aug 2023.pdf01 September 2023952kB
HN53 May 2023.pdf17 May 2023954kB
HN52 December 2022.pdf01 December 2022685kB
HN51 April 2022.pdf01 April 2022783kB
HN50 December 2021.pdf01 December 2021769kB
HN49 August 2021.pdf01 August 2021780kB
HN48 May 2021.pdf01 May 2021801kB
HN47 January 2021.pdf01 January 2021579kB
HN46 November 2020.pdf01 November 2020785kB
HN45 September 2020.pdf01 September 2020703kB
HN44 July 2020.pdf01 July 2020614kB
HN43 May 2020.pdf01 May 2020901kB
HN42 March 2020.pdf01 March 2020979kB
HN41 December 2019.pdf01 December 20191211kB
HN40 September 2019.pdf01 September 20191264kB
HN39 May 2019.pdf01 May 20191129kB
HN38 February 2019.pdf01 February 2019488kB
HN37 December 2018.pdf01 December 20181319kB
HN36 August 2018.pdf01 August 20181000kB
HN35 Summer 2018.pdf01 July 20182209kB
HN34 Spring 2018.pdf01 April 2018910kB
HN33 Winter 2018.pdf01 December 20181374kB
HN32 Summer 2017.pdf01 July 20171548kB
HN31 Spring 2017.pdf01 April 20171640kB
HN30 Winter 2017.pdf01 December 20171959kB
HN29 Autumn 2016.pdf01 October 20161310kB
HN28 Summer 2016.pdf01 July 20161964kB
HN27 Winter 2016.pdf01 December 20161166kB
HN26 Autumn 2015.pdf01 October 2015619kB
HN25 Summer 2015.pdf01 July 2015739kB
HN24 Spring 2015.pdf01 April 2015641kB
HN23 Winter 2014 Festive.pdf20 December 20141517kB
HN22 Summer 2014.pdf01 July 2014774kB
HN21 Spring 2014.pdf01 April 2014734kB
HN20 Winter 2014.pdf01 December 20141679kB
HN19 Autumn 2013.pdf01 October 20131298kB
HN18 July 2013.pdf01 July 20131031kB
HN17 Summer 2013.pdf01 July 2013721kB
HN16 Spring 2013.pdf01 April 2013395kB
HN15 Autumn 2012.pdf01 October 20121460kB
HN14 Summer 2012.pdf01 July 2012894kB
HN13 Spring 2012.pdf01 March 2012248kB
HN12 Winter 2011.pdf01 December 2011204kB
HN11 Summer 2011.pdf01 July 2011601kB
HN10 Spring 2011.pdf01 April 2011118kB
HN09 Winter 2010.pdf01 December 20101649kB
HN08 Summer 2010.pdf01 July 2010768kB
HN07 Autumn 2009.pdf01 October 2009642kB
HN01 July 2006.pdf01 July 2006142kB