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The Friends of Hugh Miller

Eliza's Path

We introduce here the project we know as "Elisa's Path". Eliza's Path leads up to the St Regulus' Graveyard in Cromarty, and the grave of Hugh and Lydia Miller's first born child, Eliza, who died in infancy.  Some of Miller's ancestors, including his great grand-farther John Feddes, are buried beside her. The graveyard also contains a burial vault of Clan Urquhart chiefs below the remnants of a medieval chapel. It is probably Cromarty's single richest repository of folklore.

Eliza's Path is not its official name, but the one we, The Friends of Hugh Miller, have given to the project, which we initiated and paid for with the support of generous donations because of its special significance to Hugh Miller and his family. This project was the last one that our founder, Martin Gostwick, worked on with The Friends of Hugh Miller before his untimely death in July 2021. The Friends management committee have dedicated the path and its beautiful railings to Martin, and will soon place a plaque there in his memory. 

Read the full story behind the honouring of Eliza with this fine new amenity in the link to AN IMMORTAL LITTLE GIRL and learn more about the site's extraordinary richness in local folklore in LEGENDS IN EVERY NOOK which summarises stories told by Hugh Miller in his epic collection, Scenes & Legends of the North of Scotland.

Headstone of Eliza Miller, Hugh and Lydia Miller's infant daughter Eliza's Headstone, carved by Hugh himself, situated in St Regulus' Graveyard, Cromarty