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The Friends of Hugh Miller


Added on 14 May 2020

Dear members of The Friends


We have set a new date for the 14h Annual Meeting, and it is Hugh Miller's "birthday," Saturday, 10th October 2020, 1.00-5.00pm, at The Stables, Cromarty.

We anticipate that social distancing requirements will still be in force, but hope that other restrictions will have been eased, enabling the meeting to take place. If it remains impossible to meet, we will endeavour to conduct a virtual event by digital means

There are several most important matters needing discussion and decision. These include the future of the Hugh Miller Birthplace Cottage and Museum, the Museum 'Miller Retold' refurbishment project, the Writing Competition, and  the 'Eliza's Path' railing project at the Old St Regulus Burial Ground,.  We also require to submit reports on our accounts, events, and membership, and hold the election of office-bearers and other members of the management committee.

In the event that the meeting has to be postponed again, we will circulate the relevant proposals and reports, and nominations for office, by email well beforehand, enabling members to make their views known in reply by 10th October.

We will continue to keep the website updated and to produce the Hugh's News magazine. We sincerely hope the Trewin Lecture, to be given by Dr Nick Fraser, Keeper of Natural Sciences, scheduled for 25th September in the NMS Auditorium can still take place, and will keep you informed about this.

Best wishes to all our members to stay safe and healthy.

Yours sincerely


Martin Gostwick

Secretary, The Friends of Hugh Miller