The Old Red: Hugh Miller's Geological Legacy

August 2017

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Victorial Hall, Cromarty

9 - 10 September 2017

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The final preparations are being made and delegates are continuing to register for an event that is guaranteed to contain something for all those interested in Miller’s legacy to science and literature, and where his pioneering work remains relevant within 21st century research and writing.

This two-day meeting is being convened by ‘The Friends of Hugh Miller’ in Cromarty on the Black Isle. The content is aimed at everyone in the general public who is inspired by the natural world. It will appeal to all those interested in fossils, geology, landscape, Miller’s writing, and Scottish history and culture. The theme "The Old Red: Hugh Miller's Geological Legacy," and the wide range of talks will show how Miller’s 19th C geological contributions, and observations of the natural world still have relevance in the 21st C.


Keynote Speakers.

We are very pleased that we have been able to secure keynote speakers from today’s literary and scientific realms. Professor John Long will enlighten us on the most recent research revealing one of the fundamentals of evolution as witnessed by Devonian fossil fishes, while Dr Mike Taylor and Prof Ralph O’Connor will share their re-appraisal of Miller’s seminal work “The Old Red Sandstone” which is now being prepared for re-publication.

Programme details, including information about the speakers and abstracts of the papers they are presenting are available for download here.


Our Sponsors

The organising committee is particularly grateful for the support of our sponsors;

­Edinburgh Geological Society

The Paleontological Association

Cromarty Trust


We look forward to seeing you in Cromarty.


Further information from : bobgdavidson@aol.com or 07759 231264