11 January 2018
Possible Guided Tour - Miller's Edinburgh

Another key initiative is envisaged:


to be given on June 16th  or Sunday, 17th June

This is being planned with Dr Al McGowan, Edinburgh-based earth scientist and professional tour leader (see www.hillsofhame.com), and more details will be given later on our website, and in future newsletters.

At this stage, we are asking members for "expressions of interest" in taking part. There will be a fee to be paid by each applicant, which we will make as modest as possible, and  places will be allotted on a first come, first served basis for a group which has to be limited in numbers.


We hope members will be excited by the move to Scotland's capital for our next big project. Edinburgh is clearly more accessible than Cromarty for most of you, and the choice demonstrates our ambition to "go national" with our activities, alongside such events as our recent conference, "The Old Red: Hugh Miller's Geological Legacy," and the Miller writing competition, in which we are a sponsoring partner.

We look forward to hearing from you!